The manufacturing or production process of side airbags, it typically involves specialized machinery and equipment. Side airbags are usually made of fabric materials and are sewn and assembled using industrial sewing machines. The process may also involve the use of automated cutting machines to cut the fabric into the required shapes and sizes.

The manufacturing process can vary depending on the specific automotive manufacturer and their production facilities. The machinery and processes involved may differ slightly, but the goal remains the same to create reliable and effective side airbags for vehicle safety.

Assembly harness

Attach the harness to the inflator, and camera to inspector to make sure the left and right sides are correct.

Fold and E-check 

The inflator that Assembly harness machine has already checked for accuracy is stuffed with fabric and imported into the folding machine according to the set distance.

Cover Assembly

The fabric assembled from Assembly harness machine and Fold and E-check machine is put into the cover, and this machine will assemble the cover together.